Access Permit Request - External Contractors Guide

The Contractors Guide contains information on how to use the Access Permit Request feature in International Towers Partner Portal website.





External Contractor Invitation Flow


As an internal member of partner portal, user can invite a contractor as General External account and then the contractor can submit a permit request form.

Here is how to invite an external contractor:

  1. Log-in to partner portal.
  2. Go to “Services” > “Access Permit Request”.
  3. Click in “Active List”.
  4. Go to “Draft” tab.
  5. Click “Send Access Permit Request Link to a Contractor”.
  6. Go Principal contractor invitation page.
  7. Fill in the Principal contractor details.
  8. Fill in Work / Project Title.
  9. Send the invitation using “Send access Permit Request Link to a contractor”.
  10. If the invited account doesn’t exist yet, a new account will be created.
  11. The draft form will be created, and the ownership will be set to the invited user.
  12. The invited user will receive an email to complete the registration or logging in Partner Portal.
  13. The invited user will need to click on the links to the log in / register URL in the email.
  14. Invited user will arrive in log in / register page in Partner Portal.
  15. Invited user will need to complete the registration in partner portal.
  16. Invited user will then be able to log-in as a Guest.
  17. Guest user to go to “Services” > “Access Permit Request”.
  18. Guest user to click the “Draft” or “All” tab.
  19. Guest user will find a form in the table. This form is the one created when user is invited.

Video - External Contractor Invitation Flow


IT Vimeo:

External Contractor User Registration

You can send an invitation to an External Contractor to Register or Log in order to complete access permit form.

  1. Contractor clicks “Login" or "Register" to the Partner Portal.
  2. User directed to “Partner Portal Login” page.
  3. User clicks “Register”.
  4. User input mandatory input field for registration.
  5. User clicks “Register”.
  6. User directed to partner portal login page.
  7. User log in using the new email and password.
  8. User arrives in partner portal home page.
  9. User go to “Service” > “Access Permit Request”.
  10. User go to “Draft” tab.
  11. User can continue editing Access Permit which user is invited to, or,
  12. User could also create a new form using “New Access Permit” button.

Video - External Contractor User Registration

IT Vimeo: