Access Permit Request - Users Guide

The Users Guide contains information on how to use the Access Permit Request feature in International Towers Partner Portal website.

Access Permit Request User Interface

Access permit request user interface consist of 5 tabs, they are:

  1. Calendar View

    In this tab you can see all forms that have been created in a calendar view.


  2. All

    In this tab, you can find all form that you have submitted with all of the details.


  3. Draft

    In this tab, you can see forms that have been saved but not yet submitted for approval.

  4. Pending Approval

    Here you can see the submitted forms. All forms which are displayed in this tab have "Submitted" or "Pending approval" status.

    1. Submitted” means the form has been submitted and no one has approved it yet.
    2. Pending Approval” means the form has been submitted and partly approved. (The
      form needs multiple approvals from different approvers).
  5. Active

    You can see active forms in this tab. All forms which are displayed in this tab have “Active” status. “Active” means the form has been fully approved and users have access to the site.

  6. Closed

    You can see “Closed” form and “Declined” form in this tab.

    1. Closed” means the active form has passed the scheduled date and automatically
    2. Declined” means the form has been declined by the approver.
  7. Contractors list

    In this tab you can see the contractors list who have been listed in the contractors’ tab.

Submitting an Access Permit Form as A General User

Any user can submit an access permit request via Access Permit Request service. Here is how a general user can submit an access permit form.

  1. Login as a general user.
  2. Go to “Services” > “Access Permit Request”.
  3. Click “Draft”.
  4. Click “New Access Permit”.
  5. You will see access permit page with 6 tabs.
    1. 01 Requirements.
    2. 02 Access Area.
    3. 03 Schedule.
    4. 04 Application Details.
    5. 05 Details of work.
    6. 06 Submission.
  6. In “01 Requirements tab”, fill in the project title under “Work / Project Title”.
  7. Read through the Requirements for Access.
  8. Click “I Understand”.
  9. Click “Next” on the floating button group.
  10. In “02 Access Area” select Precinct using “Precinct Name” drop down 
  11. Find the building under “Assets” column 
  12. Click one of the building 
  13. Floors data will be revealed for the selected building 
  14. Click the checkbox / switch button on one of the floors 
  15. Zone selection will appear below the “Access Zones” 
  16. User can input the particular zone using “Require access to zone” field 
  17. Click the box of the floor inside the “Floors” column 
  18. Organisation which located in that floor will be revealed under “Tenant Partner” 
  19. Click the checkbox / switch button on one of the Tenant Partners, this will add the related Tenant under “Tenant partners who will need to approve this request:” 
  20. Go back to the top and click “03 Schedule”  
  21. User will be able to select the schedule / Access Period of the permit form 
  22. Click “04 Applicant Details” 
  23. In Applicant details, user could input the details of the contractor who will be doing the works 
  24. Select one of the item under “This project is engaged by: *" 
  25. “International Towers / JLL” will require user to have the contractor to be Site inducted and CM3 inducted 
  26. “Fit-out / Retail / Tenant” and “International Towers Soft Services”, will require the contractors to be Site inducted 
  27. Click “Add Contractors” button 
  28. Input the details of the contractors 
  29. Ensure the mobile number is the one registered for CM3 
  30. Click “Check All Inductions” 
  31. If the contractor is not site inducted, click “Send Site Induction SMS and Email to All” 
  32. It will send SMS and email to the contractor, the email will contains URL to visit induction page which the contractor needs to complete in order to be site inducted 
  33. Go back to top and select “05 Details Of Works” 
  34. Input info under “Detailed description of the work *” 
  35. Select any applicable options under “Restricted Area Key Issue Request” and “Details of Works” 
  36. User could also upload additional file using “Add Attachment” 
  37. Some of the options will give user extra form to fill 
  38. Go back to top and select “06 Submission” 
  39. Give check to the declaration when everything is correct 
  40. Click “Submit Access Permit Form” to submit the form for approval 

Video - Submitting an Access Permit Form as A General User

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Approval Process as Requestee

Here is the flow for form approval process for Requestee:

  1. Log-in into partner portal.
  2. Go to “Service” > “Access Permit Request”.
  3. Click on “Draft” tab.
  4. Click on “New Access Permit” button.
  5. Fill in the access permit form, from tab 1 – 6 (Requirements, Access Area, Schedule, Applicant Details, Details Of Works, Submission).
  6. You can add more sub forms in “05 Details Of Works" > “Details of Works”.
  7. Go to “06 Submission” tab.
  8. Click submit.
  9. You will get a submission confirmation email.
  10. Wait for the form to be approved.
  11. You will get any notification when: the form is tagged for revision, declined, and approved.
  12. If you need to create and submit the same form, you can re-use the previous form that you have submitted using the duplicate button.

Video - Approval Process as Requestee

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