How To - Create Access Permit Request

Any user could submit an access permit request via Access Permit Request serviceHere’s how general user submit an access permit form. 

  1. Login as a general user 
  2. Go to “Services” > “Access Permit Request” 
  3. Click “Draft” 
  4. Click “New Access Permit” 
  5. You’ll see access permit page with 6 tabs. 
    • 01 Requirements
      This is the introduction and terms and conditions of the form anyone would need to agree with.
      Fill in the project title under “Work / Project Title".
      Read through the Requirements for Access.
      Click “I Understand” to proceed with the next tab, if you haven't clicked this, you won't be able to submit the form.
    • 02 Access Area 
      Define where the area you'd need access to.
      Select from the asset (Building), floor, space and facility.
      You can select more than one area.
    • 03 Schedule
      Define when you'd need access to the areas.
      This is limited to a maximum of 7 days.
      Create a new access permit form if you need more than 7 days.
    • 04 Application Details
      If you're creating the access permit request, you're considered as the principal contractor, the main contact person in the access permit request.
      You can add more contractors in this section and the form will check their induction status.
      The form won't be able to be submitted if the contractors are not inducted.
    • 05 Details of work 
      Please state your details of work in this section, the more detailed it is the better.
      Some of the options will also add new forms to be filled as a new tab
    • 06 Submission
      Once you've completed the mandatories fields on all tabs, you can submit the form.
  6. When your form is submitted, it will move to pending approval process.
  7. Once it is approved, your access permit is granted for the access period you've requested.
  8. You should receive email notifications for the proces.