How To - What's in Partner Portal

These are things you can do in Partner Portal:


My Profile

Edit your Partner Portal account and how your profile will be shown in the contacts page.


News & Events

Read what's latest and find International Towers community events.

You can also book some of the events that are exclusive for Partner Portal members.



Here you can find the community contacts list.

When you share your profile, your contact details will be listed here.



There are plenty of services and a new one popping up often.

Services are ranging from booking activity spaces, guests, chatting with the concierge, transport and retail are based on what have been assigned to your organisation.


My Activities

Your bookings activities will be listed here.



If you need any help, this is the go to place.


Visit Partner Portal often to see the latest updates.

If you need more help please use the Inquiry form, from the main menu.