How To - What is Mobile Access Pass

Mobile Access Pass is available for Partner Portal members whose organisations have mobile access pass in their service package.

iOS / iPhone

This app uses the Bluetooth connection to talk to the lift and door access panels.

Please make sure:
  • Your phone Bluetooth is turned on.
  • The Bluetooth mode should be allowing the app to work in the background and not just when the app is open.
    This will then allow the app to talk to the lift and door access panels when it's in the background.
    Otherwise if you've selected when the app is open only, then you'd need to open the app every time you'd like to use the mobile access pass when tapping on the access panels.
  • Your phone's Location Services is turned on for the app to work in the background.

Partner Portal members can use the mobile access pass to:

  1. Access the building
  2. Access the lifts
  3. Access the doors
  4. Open allocated lockers
  5. Use Shared Printers & Facilities

More services will be added to mobile access pass in the future.


Visit Partner Portal often to see the latest updates.

If you need more help please use the Inquiry form, from the main menu.