Community Self Care

Module 6: Fundamentals of Community Self Care

Community Self Care isn't the first thing people think about when they evaluate their overall wellbeing. But this element can actually be the differentiator between a good life and a great one.

Community Self Care starts with some of the basics. While you might not think about the quality of the water you drink or the air you breathe everyday, a lack of security about these fundamental needs can cause significant concern over time. Feeling safe walking alone at night in your neighbourhood and having confidence that you won't be harmed or assaulted is another primary necessity.

In recent weeks the importance of Community Self Care has been amplified for us all with the rise of the #blacklivesmatter movement which is demanding justice, healing and freedom to Black people across the globe

People with high Community Self Care feel safe and secure where they live. They take pride in their community, and they believe it is headed in the right direction. This often results in their wanting to give back and make a lasting contribution to society. People with thriving Community Self Care have identified areas where they can contribute to their community based on their own strengths and passions. 

They tell others about these interests to connect with the right groups and causes. Their contribution may start small, but over time, it leads to more involvement and has a profound impact on their community. 

The efforts of people with thriving Community Self Care are what creates communities we cannot imagine living without.

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