How To - Booking Activity Space



People management helps ITDE managers to manage people in every organisation and their access to the physical space and access to services at International Towers.

Personal Details



It is as what it says, personal details of the person you're editing.

On the right side column, it consists of details for additional system IDs that would be needed for few services to work.


User Type

This is the Partner Portal permissions level.

Super Admin

Developer and owner access.
Precinct Admin Manages a specific Precinct and everything within that precinct: Organisation, People, Services, Security and Bookings Management
Organisation Admin Manages an Organisation, its details and people within the organisation.
General - Internal General user for tenants within the building.
General - External For contractors within the building
Security Admin For International Towers' security team
Event / Space Admin For Booking Management admin only.




Services & Packages



This section listed all services that this person can have.

The services will be based on what the Organisation Service Packages have.

If you'd like to add more services, then you'd need to edit the Organisation's service packages.

To give this person access to the service, you need to toggle it on.





Access section is the list of areas that this person can access.

This is based on what is listed the Organisation's access.

If you'd like to add more areas, first you'd need to edit the Organisation's access.





This section is to identify which parking space this person occupies.

It's intended for a future upgrade of ITDE - Parking Management.