ITDE Manager - Precincts Management

ITDE Precincts Management Listing

Precincts Management allows ITDE Manager users to manage assets within the precinct.

ITDE Manager was designed with multi locations management in mind.


On this page, you can Add or Edit a precinct.

Both options use the same details to edit.



Precinct Details


You can edit the precinct name and description within the precinct details page.

There's a save button for the precinct details on the bottom right of the page.


Make sure you save the precinct before moving to another page, as you may loose what you've edited so far if you haven't saved it.


Add / Edit Assets



In the Precinct Details page you can add the precinct assets.

Assets is our terminology for a building.

As you can see below you can add multiple assets, as a precinct may have multiple buildings to manage.


Make sure you SAVE each asset as you're adding them.


To edit the asset again you can select it from the assets list, and it should open the edit module as shown above.



Add / Edit Floor



Here you can upload wayfinding document that will be used as wayfinding map by the system.

Net Letable Area is important for analytics to show total NLA against leased or occupied spaces within the floors.


To edit the Floor again you can select it from the Floors list, and it should open the edit module as shown above.


Make sure you SAVE each Floor as you're adding them.



Add / Edit Spaces


Each floor can contain spaces and facilities.

When you click add space, the add / edit space module will appear.


Space details

Depending on the space type, the details will change.


Facilities within a space

Some spaces will have a built in facilities. e.g a change room will have lockers as its facility.

This will be listed in the fourth column in the assets listing above.



The usage of each space will define the leasing agreements and other connected functionalities in the system.


Make sure you SAVE each space as you're adding them.



Add / Edit Facilities


Adding or editing facilities have similar edit module to spaces.

Facilities here is not within a space but within a floor.

It is a collection of facilities for example a collection of lockers in a floor next to spaces.


Make sure you SAVE each facility as you're adding them.



This conclude the guide for ITDE Manager - Precinct Management.


If you have any technical questions please use the Inquiry from the main menu.