How To - Booking Activity Space

There are plenty of activity spaces to book in international Towers.


To book them please follow these steps:

  1. Open Services on the main menu
  2. Go to Booking - Activity Spaces
  3. Choose the date you'd like to book first, this is the best to see what spaces are available on that day.
  4. Select the booking time.
  5. Select the space, you can filter it by location, room size and facilities in the space.
  6. A selection of activity spaces will be shown to you.
  7. You can expand it to see the hours it's available, or if there's another booking in that space.
  8. Clicking on Map will show you the location of the activity space.
  9. You can add attendees to the booking details.
  10. Each attendee will be sent an invitation email, including yourself for meeting notification.
  11. Once it's done, the system will show you how much and you can process your payment.
  12. Clicking book will then book this activity space for you.

This service is allocated by International Towers to your organisation.

If you don't have this service, please contact your Organisation Manager.



Visit Partner Portal often to see the latest updates.

If you need more help please use the Inquiry form, from the main menu.