Accept Hard Truths, Discover Your Self, and Change Your Life with Sara Kuburic

Cuppa host Cookie sits down with existential psychotherapist, consultant, writer, and columnist for USA Today, Sara Kuburic.

Are you looking to accept hard truths, discover your self, and change your life?

We'll be diving into the deep end, discussing the concept of self-loss as one of our greatest unspoken human sufferings: that feeling of being estranged or disconnected from your true self-so we can answer the most essential question: "Who am I?". 

If you're keen to uncover more about the truth of who you are then reserve your free members access and we'll see you for a cuppa.

Date: Tuesday 31st October 
Time: 8.30am 
Duration: 30 Minutes



More about Sara Kuburic
Sara Kuburic is an existential psychotherapist, consultant, writer, and columnist for USA Today. She was born in Yugoslavia and raised in Canada. She is passionate about helping people seeking change and live authentic, free, and meaningful lives. Her interest in psychology stems from her personal experience living through wars, navigating complex relationships, and continually learning what it means to be human. 

Her new book, It’s On Me: Embrace Hard Truths, Discover Your Self and Change Your Life, is a revelatory guide to self-discovery that teaches you how to own your choices and take responsibility for your life, to find peace and meaning.

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