Barangaroo Cup Semi-Finals and Finals this week

Watch all of the action at the Barangaroo Unity Pitch

Last week, we witnessed a remarkable display of competition as numerous teams vied for supremacy at the Barangaroo Unity Pitch, fuelled by their determination to secure coveted spots for the finals week.
Continuing the excitement, today and tomorrow will feature a series of engaging matches, building up to the highly anticipated semi-finals on Thursday, and culminating with the grand finals on Friday.
With the unfolding of these events, our heartfelt best wishes extend to all participating teams. May the upcoming games be filled with exhilarating moments and unforgettable performances.
Come along and cheer on your friends and colleagues, games will be happening daily until Friday:
Tuesday 15 August
HSBC Internazionale vs FSI
1:00 -1:30pm
ZFC Wanderers vs Benchwarmers FC
Wednesday 16 August
BG&E FC vs Snowflakers
1:00 -1:30pm
It's Getting Messi vs Deb's Dynamo's
Thursday 17 August 
12:15-12:45pm & 1:00 -1:30pm
Teams to be decided
Friday 18 August 
12:15-12:45pm & 1:00 -1:30pm
Teams to be decided
Sydney Opera House
We will be updating the below ladder daily, so if you would like to come along and cheer on our friends or workmates.
Barangraoo Cup 17.08.23
Barangaroo_UnityPitch_Socialisers _Workers_Credit_CassandraHannagan-44
Barangaroo_UnityPitch_Socialisers _Workers_Credit_CassandraHannagan-15
Barangaroo_UnityPitch_Socialisers _Workers_Credit_CassandraHannagan-7

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