Breathwork Mindfulness Session

Don't miss this great session with a special guest on Monday. Register for your complimentary wellness experiences, exclusively for those working within International Towers, Tower Two and Tower Three, and International House. As members of the International House and International Towers, Tower Two and Tower Three community, we already benefit from working in some of the healthiest workplaces in the country, however many factors, including time and cost, often prohibit us from seeking new ways to improve our physical and mental fitness.

If you are looking for a healthy way to take a mid-day break? Etch out some time in your week to pause with one of our meditation and mindfulness coaches. Learn how to be present, clear the mind and un-clutter your thoughts with a 10 minute guided meditation or mindfulness exercise and 5 minutes Q&A. The benefits will amaze you.

Class Length: 30 minutes