SOLD OUT - 12 Days Of Giving, Day 11: Another serve of Two Good Masterclass

SOLD OUT - On the menu: Mango, Passionfruit & Mascarpone Trifle. This delicious concoction is not a true trifle, nor a cream or mousse, but somewhere in between

Headlining Day 11 of our 12 Days Of Giving is another hugely popular cooking Masterclass from our foodie friends at Two Good Co. On the menu this time: Mango, Passionfruit & Mascarpone Trifle.

Shared by one of Two Good's favourite cooks and authors, Belinda Jeffrey, this delicious concoction is not a true trifle, nor a cream, nor a mousse, but sits somewhere happily in the middle. While it's certainly hard to beat a ripe juicy mango, this works beautifully with any summer fruit so use what you love.

As always, all registered students will have lunch together after the Masterclass - enjoying the delightful dish they've just watched be prepared.

When: Thursday 15th December at 12.30pm sharp

Where: Tower Three South Lobby


Previous Masterclasses have shown that you must move fast because seats at the table get snapped up quick. If you miss out on a registered spot there is standing room to see the masters at work – as long as you can don't mind dribbling with envy while you watch the others eat.

NOTE: The lunch provided is strictly for those early bird registered students who have an assigned seat.

And please do take a minute to read about the amazing work Two Good does for our community, in particular for survivors of domestic violence. You can read more about them here: Two Good Co.





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