Dealing with Financial Stress

Join Cookie as he sits down with Financial Wellness Coach, Betsy Westcott, and passionate small business supporter, David Koch for 45 minutes to peel back the layers on financial stress

"Financial stress doesn't just weigh down your wallet – it grips your mind, affects your health, and impacts businesses globally. Time to break free!"

Join Cookie as he sits down with Financial Wellness Coach, Betsy Westcott, and passionate small business supporter, David Koch for 45 minutes to peel back the layers on financial stress, and how you can thrive with your money in a world of increasing economic and personal financial challenges.

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Why Join this Conversation? 

The Pulse of Today: Understand the current financial landscape and why it's causing distress across the country. Get a grasp on the factors intensifying these pressures, setting the scene for an informed discussion.

Unseen Consequences: Dive deep into the emotional and psychological impacts of financial strain. Discover how it affects mental health, leading to anxiety, depression, and other debilitating conditions in individuals. See how businesses grapple with reduced productivity, increased absenteeism, and other challenges rooted in monetary woes.

Master Your Money Mindset: We're spotlighting essential components every individual needs to understand and own in their journey to financial well-being. Get actionable takeaways to start your path to financial resilience.

Empowering Businesses: If you're an entrepreneur or HR professional, learn strategies businesses can employ to support their teams in these trying times. Foster a more resilient, productive, and mentally healthy work environment.

Don't let financial stresses cloud your present and future. Join us to get empowered, informed, and inspired. Together, we can find clarity amidst chaos. 

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