Get ready for Earth Hour 2021

First-ever Earth Hour "Virtual Spotlight"

We at International Towers are committed to supporting Earth Hour,  climate action and raising awareness of the issues facing our planet.

Take part and join us as we #SwitchOff on Saturday, 27th March to make an impact in addressing the most important Earth Hour yet.

Don't miss out the first-ever Earth Hour "Visual Spotlight" - a must-watch online video to let the whole world see our planet, the issues that we face, and our place within it, in a new light.

International Towers is acknowledged as 2020’s World’s Most Sustainable Office Fund by GRESB. Our assets are 100% carbon neutral (Climate Active) and we have been awarded the GBCA Green Star of 6 Stars ‘World Excellence’ along with the Platinum WELL Core & Shell certification. 


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