Experience epic scale and creativity

Eternityland, a temporary destination blurring the lines between spectator and participant, is an immersive and interactive theatrical experience combining art, design, theatre, circus and live music. Made for a modern audience in a modern city. The Streets of Barangaroo will house the 1000m2 of interactive experience from August to September.

Conceived and designed as a ‘choose-your-own-journey’, participants will enter in small groups and are invited to let their curiosity lead the way as they travel through a multi-room wonderland based on the myths and legends of heroes and heroism.

Created by creative polymath and Festival of Dangerous Ideas director Danielle Harvey, Eternityland will premiere on 3 August. The show features a collection of kooky characters including a cool Cowboy, a villainous Clown, a crooning Mr Money, a Mother (of monsters), a loyal but lazy Knight, a very lost Royal, a retired Warrior and of course a bunch of minions and sidekicks. There are monsters to battle, costumes to make, secret bars to find, temptations to avoid (or indulge in) and general chaos to navigate, forming a surreal landscape that is ripe for self-expression.

Eternityland features an all-star lineup of art, theatre and film creatives with production design by Dan Porta, Matthew Aberline and Isabel Hudson, art direction by Natalie Verriest, video design by Sabrina Organo and Club Sandwich, costume design by Mason Browne and sound design by Julian Wessels. Supported by Investment NSW 24 Hour Economy initiative Eternityland champions the creative community of Sydneyand has been able to employ 60 artists and event people, after what has been a hard couple of years.

Speaking about the immersive experience, Harvey said: “Stepping into Eternityland is like stepping into an epic television show like Squid Games or Westworld. Eternityland is a magical and weird facility run by the Department of Legends and Myth. I can’t wait for people to discover the worlds within worlds we have been crafting for them! We wanted to create something epic and bold for Sydneysiders to come and enjoy. It’s been a long time between drinks for the community and we are all ready to have fun! Audiences can be as active or passive as they wish as they create their own inimitable hero’s journey.

“We’re thrilled to be able to bring this live and interactive experience for the first time to the CBD and to continue to create captivating and unique experiences for Sydneysiders.”

Eternityland will be in season from 3 August to 10 September with tickets starting from just $44.00 and available to purchase via The Department of Legend and Myth (D.L.M) was a popular secret pop-up bar during VIVID, giving people a taste of the epic experience of Eternityland that was to come. The D.L.M bar will be back, acting as front of house for Eternityland. Participants and the public can enjoy a drink in the bar sponsored by Artisan Drinks, Yalumba, Plantation Rum, Hickson Rd Distillery and Lord Howe Island Brewing Co.

20/300 Barangaroo Avenue near the Wynyard escalators, Sussex St
Shows - Wednesday - Sunday
Multiple entry times available

You can book your tickets here: ETERNITYLAND



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