Giving back to First Nations kids in remote Communities.

Let's spread holiday cheer with the gift of stories. 

The holiday season can be particularly challenging for vulnerable members of our community, and we want to make a positive impact by providing much-needed resources to those in need. On behalf of the International Towers community, Lendlease is donating $40,000 worth of books to children in First Nations communities across Australia. And the best part? We need your help spending it!

This year, we've partnered with the Indigenous Literacy Foundation for an exciting gifting drive. We've already pre-paid $40,000 worth of books. Now, it's your turn to choose three titles! Just click the link here, select your books, and head to the checkout—we'll foot the bill. As a merry bonus, these books are written in native languages, destined for the Communities that speak them.

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation is an Australian not-for-profit organisation founded in 2011, dedicated to addressing the educational disadvantages faced by First Nations Australian children and young people. Their work focuses on providing access to books and literacy programs, striving to create opportunities and bridge educational gaps.
Storytelling holds immense significance in Australian First Nations Communities, serving as a powerful medium for passing down cultural traditions, preserving history, and fostering a strong sense of identity and connection to the land. We hope you join us in spreading the joy of literature and the magic of the festive season to First Nations kids far and wide.  

We want everyone in our building community to feel the warm and fuzzies from giving. So please limit your choices to three books in total. 

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