Guided tours, workshops & prizes! Step up your workday.

Walk on the wellness side with five unique walking routes, made just for you.

We’re strolling into Mental Health Month with the debut of five customised walking routes at International Towers. Because the science doesn’t lie, people—walking is good for our brains, our bodies, and yes, even our work. With every route comes a new adventure brimming with discovery at every turn, wandering your way to better mental clarity, less stress, and maybe, just maybe, your next big idea.
Our walking guides invite you to venture beyond the confines of your office walls and explore the wonders of the outside world: uncover hidden gems, breathtaking viewpoints, fun facts, First Nations history, and vibrant green spaces.
By adding more steps to your workday, you'll pretty much be joining the ranks of creative icons like Hemingway, Woolfe, Einstein, Darwin, and Beethoven, who recognised the power of walking for fuelling the mind. 
Perhaps these eight surprising benefits of walking will make you eager to get on your feet.
Or maybe brushing up on the most effective walking meetings will motivate you to get moving. If you need more tangible incentives to start walking, we've got you covered with: 
Take that first step - choose your own adventure among five journeys and start reaping the wonders of walking today.