Introducing Aunty Oriel Green

A proud Nyoongar Elder and Elder Co-researcher.

"We need our families to be working together to make sure this is going to be a better world for our young children. I love my people, I want them to be good citizens, and I want them to have a place in this world."

Aunty Oriel is a a proud Nyoongar Elder and Elder Co-researcher in WA, who has been an influential figure since 1979, primarily in the field of education. Motivated by a profound desire for positive change, Aunty Oriel has dedicated her efforts to improving the social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal people. Her remarkable work in this domain has garnered recognition and prestigious awards.

Immerse yourself in Aunty Oriel's story and reflections as an Elder this NAIDOC Week 2023—press play below. 


This article is part of our For Our Elders campaign, where our buildings come to life with the stories of First Nations Elders as we celebrate NAIDOC Week 2023. Watch more videos from our Campaign below.  


NAIDOC_article__uncle robUncle Rob Bundle

A proud Yuin, Ngarigo, Bidarwal and Bidjura Elder.

"One of the most significant experiences is the birth of your children and your grandchildren, it’s the acceptance of everyone around you and once they know acceptance is out there."


Immerse yourself in Uncle Rob's story and personal reflections as an Elder this NAIDOC Week 2023

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NAIDOC_article__aunty petaAunty Peta Hudson 

A proud Djaara, Taungurung, and Yorta Yorta woman.

"Coming from a small community where everyone helped each other out, there wasn’t a lot of money, so there was more unity and teachings, we were taught respect."


Immerse yourself in Aunty Peta's story and reflections as an Elder this NAIDOC Week 2023


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NAIDOC_article__uncle barryIntroducing Uncle Barry Winmar

Excerpt: A proud Whadjuk Noongar Elder with Ballardong connections.

"It’s important to share experience and knowledge, pass down stories and traditions to future generations, so they can understand the importance of who we are, where we come from and who our mob is."

Immerse yourself in Uncle Barry's story and reflections as an Elder this NAIDOC Week 2023

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