Naabami (Thou will/Shall see): Barangaroo (Army of Me)

By leading First Nations multidisciplinary artist Brenda L. Croft (Gurindji/Malngin/Mudburra)

This major outdoor public artwork by leading First Nations multidisciplinary artist Brenda L. Croft (Gurindji/Malngin/Mudburra) will present 60 large-scale photographic portraits of contemporary First Nations women and girls.

Photographed in Canberra and Sydney from 2019 - 2022, some of the participants include women and girls photographed by Croft spanning three decades, and some are first-time subjects. Their steady collective gaze – inward and outward - reflects the steadfast sovereign actions of Cammeraygal warrior woman Barangaroo, more than two centuries after she lived and died on her traditional homelands, now known as Sydney. 

Naabami (thou will/shall see): Barangaroo (army of me) honours Barangaroo, renowned not only for her mastery of fishing, but also acknowledged for her determination as to how she would live and die on her sovereign homelands.

She literally and metaphorically stood her ground in a time of immense upheaval and overwhelming change for the Eora and surrounding clans. Barangaroo’s, role as a cultural negotiator at the time of first colonial contact makes her as relevant today as over two centuries ago. The First Nations women and girls simultaneously portrayed are Barangaroo’s avatars, and her sovereign soldiers.

5-29 January 


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