October is Mental Health Month

Whether it's taking time to care for yourself, caring for someone close to you, supporting your community to be more mental health aware, or being a mental health ally - we all have a role to play.

Mental Health Month is celebrated each year October in NSW. This month encourages all of us to think about our mental health and wellbeing, regardless of whether we may have a lived experience of mental illness or not. It also gives us the opportunity to understand the importance of good mental health in our everyday lives and encourages help seeking behaviours when needed. 

In 2023, the theme for Mental Health Month is We all Have a Role to Play

This Mental Health Month, think about ways you connect with the people around you. Together, we can work towards a world free from mental health stigma.  What role will you play?

Whether it is supporting a colleague, running a community event or educating yourself about the importance of mental health language, everyone can play a role.

Together we can create a safe place for those living with, supporting others and receiving mental health support.

Get involved during October Mental Health Month


Mood B'Roo

Are you feeling happy, excited, calm, indifferent or discontent?  October is Mental Health Month, and to mark this occasion we have installed a giant mood screen in the Lobbies of Tower 2 and Tower 3 at International Towers. 

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Get colouring for your mental health

This October, in celebration of Mental Health Month, we invite you to join us for an adult colouring lunchtime session to calm your mind. 

To join in, just head to the lobby, where we will have a range of colouring sheets and pencils available in the seating area. No bookings required. 

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IT-MHM-Artist_webtile-710x450 (1)

Meet Mood B'Roo Artist, Daniel Stricker

Artist and technician Daniel Stricker joins us to talk about the inspiration and mechanics behind our Mental Health Month Installation.

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Aura - MentalHealthMonth - Webtile

Aura Photography with Julia Smith

What energy are you radiating during Mental Health Month? Get an insight into your current vibes. We invite you to join us at a special photography session with Julia Smith, Aura Photographer.  

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IT-MHM-Draw your Mood_webtile-710x450

Draw your Mood with Daimon Downey

Feeling happy, excited, discontent or melancholy? Express yourself on paper, and connect with your inner creativity.

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Mood B'Roo Slushies

Beat the heat with a custom slushie to celebrate Barangaroo's mood of the month. The slushie colour and flavour will match the predominant hue displayed on the big screen over the last month.

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