Reframing Ageing this Women’s Health Week: Embracing Our Beauty Beyond Menopause

Society has such a peculiar way of defining ageing, especially when it comes to women. 

Why is it that once we reach menopause, the world feels like they've got this weird "best before" date stamped on us? 

Menopause. Now there's a word with baggage! For some, it might stir up visions of hot flashes, mood swings, and weight gain. But let me ask you this: since when did reaching menopause mean that our glory days are behind us? Why should this natural transition be equated to going "over the hill"?

Our Changing Bodies and the Gift of Self-Love

First things first, can we just take a moment to marvel at how remarkable our bodies truly are? Over the years, it's weathered countless storms, celebrated numerous milestones, and, yes, has undergone changes. Some of these changes might be associated with menopause, and guess what? That's okay!

With age comes wisdom, grace, resilience – so many beautiful qualities that no societal standard can measure. But what about body image? The media often presents youthfulness as the ultimate symbol of beauty, but why not challenge that? Why can't silver strands or laugh lines be symbols of beauty, experience, and wisdom? Imagine if we viewed our body's changes not as flaws but as badges of honor. How powerful would that perspective shift be?

Over the Hill or Just Beginning?

Who decided that after menopause, women's stories are less significant? Here's a thought - what if we're not "over the hill" but just standing on its peak, looking over a horizon filled with endless possibilities? The experiences, knowledge, and wisdom we gather over the years, my dear reader, they're not weights; they're wings.

So, the next time you hear or read about someone referring to menopause as some sort of expiry date, take a deep breath, smile, and know this: your journey is unique, meaningful, and, most importantly, far from over.


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Join Us for a Deeper Dive

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The fantastic Sarah Di Lorenzo, Dr. Nicole Avard, and myself will be there to share their insights and wisdom as part of Women's Health Week.

Remember, lovely reader, every phase of life has its own beauty and purpose. So, instead of wishing to turn back the clock, why not embrace the present moment and all the wonderful experiences yet to come?

Here's to celebrating the real, the raw, the radiant you.

Laura Piccardi well-being host

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