Are you ready to run the streets?

BOSIC and ASICS partner to bring a free run club to the Streets of Barangaroo to promote wellbeing and health

Keen to join us for a lunch time run?

Barangaroo Orthopaedic & Sports injury clinic (BOSIC)   have partnered with ASICS to bring a free run club to the Streets of Barangaroo to promote wellbeing and health called “Run the Streets”. It is available to all ages and abilities, led by a run leader (allied health professional or nominated run leader e.g. personal trainer, experienced runner).

When: Every 2nd Wednesday at 12:15PM starting from Wednesday 5th July 2023

Where: To begin outside Title bookstore

How long: A short warm-up followed by a 30 minute run

Who can do it: All levels are welcome to attend. Suggestions will be made to ensure a safe and enjoyable (yet challenging) experience.

What should you wear: Gym or exercise clothing, loose fitting and comfortable. Also recommended wearing supportive running shoes. If you are unsure whether your shoes are ideal, have a chat with the run leader to get advice.

What to bring: If you are someone that needs water during your run, feel free to bring a water bottle with you, however there are water bubblers along the way too. Otherwise, just bring yourself and some energy!

Terms and conditions:

  • All participants will need to sign a waiver prior to commencing. Although there will be a warm up included and physio running the session, as this is an outdoor physical activity, there remains a small risk of sustaining an injury.

  • All participants will be required to complete a pre-running questionnaire to identify those at a higher risk of causing injuries/aggravations.

  • Run club will be capped at a maximum of 20 runners.

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