Songline your way through Australian landscapes

Grab your cultural passport of rhythm and sound this NAIDOC Week. We're taking the musical route.

A songlines performance holds great cultural significance in the First Nations community, transcending language through sound, rhythm and dance, and having passed from Elder to Elder over time. These traditional songs are the mappings of country, marking directions of travels and journeys during Dreamtime, which are memorised by travellers to know the route to their destination.

Join us to witness the power of songlines first-hand from Murraywa Dow, a versatile and energetic First Nations performer hailing from Cape York Peninsula and Murray Island.

When: 12pm - 1pm Monday 3 July 
Where: Tower Three, International Towers


About Murraywa Dow

Murraywa captivates his audiences with his mesmerising yidaki (otherwise known as didgeridoo) and magnetic stage presence. Effortlessly, he embodies the vibrant, traditional First Nations mainland culture through dance, proudly embracing his Islander and Indigenous ancestry, instilled with deep appreciation by his family and wise Elders.

We hope you enjoy this performance. 


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