Sydney Festival - Apollo 11

Exhibition Dates: 9th January 2018 to 27th January 2018

The collective adventure that is space travel has many more heroes than the two men who walked on the moon in 1969.
Apollo 11 at Barangaroo South pays tribute to the diverse and under-appreciated heroes of space travel, from astronauts to mathematicians and beyond.

Festival has commissioned artworks and participatory experiences, free for the public to explore around Barangaroo South, as part of a city-wide commemoration of Apollo 11, the 1969 space flight that first landed people on the moon.

Cycle down to Barangaroo (and add your kilometres to the Fly Me To The Moon at World Square project) to see artworks including larger than life Sydmonauts, celebrating the work of diverse heroes of space exploration.


Exchange Square, Exchange Place, R7 building, Wulugul Walk/boardwalk, Barangaroo Ferry Wharf, Mercantile Walk, Scotch Row.