Tower Two Annual Full Function Fire Test

In completion of Annual Fire Safety Statement

The mandatory Full Function Fire Test (FFFT) for Tower Two is required for the completion of Annual Fire Safety Statement.

The FFFT consists of 12 scenarios where selected fire compartments will be simulated via activating smoke detector, break glass or sprinkler flow switch causing an alarm activations, with a verification of equipment process undertaken during each activation.

Please note our Service Partners will be required to enter into tenancy areas to conduct inspections and observe testings. International Towers Management Staff will be present during the test and will be monitoring these actions.

During the testing, there is a potential for the following effects and actions to happen at various times:

  • Emergency tones may be heard on and off throughout the testing period -with the building cascade simulation to be completed first.
  • Tenancy floors with Fire Curtains – curtains will be dropping intermittently throughout the testing period.
  • Tenancy Fire doors / Fire Stair Doors – will be open for free access throughout the testing period.
  • Exhaust systems will be isolated during the FFFT – therefore there should be no impact to exhaust systems running during trading hours.
  • Stair Pressurisation fans - fans will be running on and off throughout the testing period.
  • Service Partners will be accessing tenancy areas to check on the essential services.

Location: International Towers, Tower Two

Date and Time: Saturday 24 October 2020, from 07:00 AM until 02:00 PM

Contact: E  -
                M - 0415 090 856