Vivid Sydney 2022- Warming the soul of our city

Lights, music, innovation… action. Sydney is set to transform into a playground of the unexpected.

After a tough 18 months for so many of us, Vivid Sydney ’22 promises to warm the soul of our city with light artists, music makers and brilliant thinkers… sparking our sense of wonder and inspiring us to come out to play as Sydney transforms before our eyes.

Here’s all you need to know about the dazzling array of Vivid delights on offer around Barangaroo and beyond.

Even more to explore and enjoy on the streets of Barangaroo
The Streets of Barangaroo
When Vivid Sydney lights up Barangaroo, it becomes an even bigger feast for your senses and even more of a ‘must-explore’ destination. Take in the artworks at Exchange Square and along Wulugul Walk, then discover why Barangaroo South is Sydney’s go-to dining destination, enjoying delicious, light-inspired fare from over 40 restaurants, bars and cafes and “cheeky tipple spots” – there’s something for everyone in this mouth-watering line-up.


Immerse yourself in the heavenly lights and sounds of ChronoHarp


Admired for its grandeur, the harp is one of the oldest musical instruments in the world. ChronoHarp – forged by Sydney-based creative collective Amigo & Amigo – interprets and extends the beauty of the harp into a colourful, walk-through sound and light experience.



Discover the delights of the Solar System at Corpi Celesti

Corpi Celesti

Corpi Celesti– or heavenly bodies – is an immersive celebration of the first landing on the moon. In this interactive installation, Italy-based artists Daniele Davino, Daniele Spanò and Luca Brinchi combine the innovative techniques of video mapping and digital lights with traditional techniques of painting and analogue cinema, restoring old films and adapting them into new animated clips.




See the Crowning Glory of our Connected City

Our connected city

Our Connected City seeks to connect the city with light. On every day of the year, our city’s buildings stand on their own - with their own colours, structures and identities. During Vivid Sydney this changes, and the connections between the city’s architecture and its people become more profound with a vibrant and colourful lighting design. These spectacular images of Sydney’s icons fill Australians with pride and are projected around the world.


Indulge in Culinary experiences at Crown Sydney

Crown Sydney

With 11 restaurants and bars featuring spectacular views of Sydney Harbour, Crown Sydney offers a range of fine dining venues, signature restaurants and deluxe bars.






Check out the full Vivid Sydney 2022 Program

vivid sydney 2021 program

The 2022 program is full of ways to discover Vivid Sydney for the first time or reconnect with this truly unique event.

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