Sydney Whale Tales

Dive into a Sea of Sydney Stories

Whale Tales are coming to the Barangaroo and other waterfronts across Sydney. We have two tails at Barangaroo and an additional three in Barangaroo Reserve.

Each tail is decorated by a different artist telling a different story.

  • 30 Australian artists
  • 30 large-scale sculptures
  • 30 stories of place

Whales are known for their migratory patterns. This year, from 11 August to 24 September a few are taking a detour. Discover all 30 whale tails along a 6km trail around Sydney’s Western Harbour waterfront. Seek them out via the Waterfront Whale Tale app that has wayfinding maps to help you on your treasure hunt and to collect great rewards and prizes for each tail you visit. There’s so much to see and do at Waterfront Whale Tales – come and explore, unite and delight in Sydney’s expansive and diverse natural wonderlands.

When: 11 Aug - 24 September
Locations here

See all details here: Whale Tales


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