Unstoppable: Celebrating Women in Sport at Barangaroo

Foosball Fun, Lollies of the Nations, Inspiring Decals, and Custom Sports Shoe Designs

Get ready for an exhilarating multi-event celebration as we honor the unwavering spirit of women in sport at Barangaroo. From heart-pounding sports tournaments to delectable lollies from around the world, each event is a testament to the incredible achievements of female athletes.

Join us for the thrilling Foosball Frenzy, where lunchtime tournaments will ignite the competitive spirit.

Explore "Lollies of the Nations" and savor the flavors representing different countries, celebrating the diversity of sports and cultures.

"Sole Artistry" offers you a chance to design your own sports shoes, symbolising empowerment and support for women in sport.

Witness the captivating lobby decals showcasing key milestones and triumphs of these exceptional athletes.

Let's unite to celebrate, empower, and inspire - because when women in sport rise, they become truly unstoppable.


szabolcs-toth-FYt8CIOosOw-unsplashFoosball Frenzy: Celebrate Soccer Season with Thrilling Lunchtime Tournaments

** This very popular Towers activity finished on Friday 3 August.  Thank you to everyone who participated. **

As the soccer season sweeps through, we are thrilled to bring you the exhilarating Foosball Frenzy. Join us in the Tower Three South Lobby every day for the next two weeks. Play between 12-2 PM, the winner of the best of three games between these hours will be rewarded with not one but two free coffee cards (limited availability can be exchanged for any regular sized hot beverage). 

All are welcome to join the excitement. Get ready to kick off the ultimate lunchtime sports showdown.

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Lollies of the Nations

Embark on a delectable adventure honoring women in sport with "Lollies of the Nations". Experience international flavors, featuring unique candies representing different countries. Follow us on Instagram for updates on where to find the featured lollies. Celebrate female athletes and explore diverse cultures through delightful sweets. Don't miss this sweet journey of empowerment and appreciation!

Note: The event will run for four weeks, featuring a different country's candy on selected days. Follow our Instagram for updates on candy locations.

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Shoe 1Sole Artistry: Design Your Own Sports Shoe Extravaganza

Join "Sole Artistry" to design personalised sports shoes, honoring women in sport. Limited slots available. Register with gender and shoe size for an empowering painting experience. Express support for female athletes through one-of-a-kind kicks. All welcome at Tower Two South Lobby.

Wednesday, 16th August - Tower Two South Lobby
Thursday, 17th August - Tower Two South Lobby

Note: Booking essential. Limited slots. Provide gender and shoe size during registration. Painting process takes 60-90 minutes.

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decals Explore Our Lobby Decals

Step into our lobbies and notice the change as we celebrate women in sport with captivating decals. As part of our dedication to honoring female athletes, these eye-catching displays highlight key milestones and remarkable achievements made by women in sports.




The timeline below showcases the incredible feats achieved by women in the sporting world. From breaking records to shattering barriers, their triumphs have shaped the course of history in sports. Join us on this empowering journey over the next four weeks.

women in sport 1

women in sport 2