You can still help STEPtember

This month the International Towers team has stepped-up to raise funds to help people living with cerebral palsy - it’s not too late for you to get involved or donate.

If you’re a part of the International Towers community, you’ll probably have already noticed that we are not short of ideas when it comes to supporting good causes across Australia and overseas. And while we would never pick favourites, it’s true to say that STEPtember – the month-long campaign when many thousands of Australians raise funds to improve the lives of those living with cerebral palsy - has a very special place in our hearts.

Here’s how it works. You ask your network to sponsor you to walk, swim, ride, wheel or spin your way to 10,000 ‘steps’ a day during the month of September – measuring your steps on the clever device supplied – and you raise much-needed financial help for the cerebral palsy community.

Every step counts and you can still get involved, to sign-up visit the STEPtember website

Plus of course, you or your organisation can simply donate or sponsor a stepper

Get in the mood to help people less fortunate than you

By signing-up to ‘step’ or by donating or sponsoring today, you’ll make a much-needed contribution in the help provided to people who really need it. To get you in the mood, here’s a word or two of encouragement from some International Towers team members as they’ve been stepping, rowing and wandering along sand dunes for STEPtember.

Shane challenges you to find a more beautiful place to step:

Giovanni has been ‘stepping’ on water for the cause:


For Malcolm STEPtember is a walk in the park:




Here’s what other STEPtember members say motivates them:

“I am here for the babies at risk of cerebral palsy”

“I am here for earlier detection of cerebral palsy”

“I am here for the families from the rural and regional areas”

“I am here to help scientists to accelerate breakthroughs in research into genetic causes”




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