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In this issue of It. we look at culture and how it can impact individuals and enterprises. Read the stories of creators, curators and innovators who have laid solid culture-centric foundations at International Towers and continue to build on them today. 

Culture and strategy are regarded as the two most effective tools for an organisation to maintain leadership. But as some business leaders say, culture eats strategy for breakfast. For all the innovation and efficiency an organisation can develop, the attitudes, values and mind-set of its people can have a profound impact on its direction and success. So, what if that organisation is tasked with operating one of the country’s most progressive working environments, and supporting some of Australia’s most dynamic and successful companies? In this issue of It. we look at the importance of culture within International Towers, and the role it plays to set a foundation for collective success – for both individuals and enterprises alike.

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Seeing people thrive

“We know that people thrive on connections, and connecting with others who are like-minded and share similar values.” Liam Timms Fund Manager, International Towers.


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First to join our community

Michael Saddington, Corporate Services Manager for the Westpac Group at Barangaroo, shares his personal story and insights into the journey of joining Australia’s most progressive workplace community

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The art of preserving culture

Professor Wayne Quilliam, is an award-winning, internationally acclaimed photographer, with a new exhibition entitled mali dharngurr who has travelled Australia to document the life stories of inspirational Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women.

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