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Celebrating Diversity with “Faces of Australia” Exhibition

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The meticulously-curated exhibition was developed by migrant founders of global fintech TransferWise, Kristo Käärmann and Taavet Hinrikus, illustrating what Australia looks like today and the contributions immigrants make to our community.

The portfolio of 20 photos are matched with the stories of the  admirable individuals who overcame formidable obstacles to make Australia
their new home.

Proudly exhibited at International Towers, Tower Two and Tower Three, Barangaroo until 31 January 2019. Australia is a nation of migrants.

Many of us were born overseas or are the children of immigrant parents, so being an ‘Aussie’ means many different things for many different people. Cultural diversity has shaped our national identity in both practical and profound ways. The promise of a new beginning afforded to so many migrants has fuelled an inherent sense of entrepreneurship within our broader community, and nurtured the ideals of hard work, fairness, acceptance and equality.


"I was like, ‘Oh my god, I’m a migrant'

Dulce Arrived here from Mexico in 1992. She fell in love with Australia as soon as she arrived and wanted to stay here forever. She became part of Mums 4 Refugees, and it changed her life completely. - Dulce, Mexico



"Once we got here, it was lonely and challenging"

Dharmica Arrived here from England in 1992 and is a Chief Scientist at BCAL Diagnostics, a company she co-founded in 2010 to develop an early detection test for breast cancer. - Dharmica, England



"Nowhere near enough food or water for all of us"

Diem left Veitnam and arrived in Australia when she was eight years old, penniless and only with the clothes on our backs. Now, she is the co-founder of Berger Ingredients - Diem, Veitnam


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