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What is 'Community' and why is it so important?

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In this issue of It. we explore the many facets of community and meet some interesting individuals who are delivering a common sense of purpose in their own unique ways. 

The story of community is the story of life itself. From Australia's First Peoples, to richly diverse collectives of people today, united by a combination of geography, values, culture, identity or beliefs, community is the glue of society. It brings us together with common understanding and purpose and allows us to connect in profound ways. When community thrives, it has a ripple effect.


Honouring the legacy of Barangaroo

“This is a place of healing, harmony and hope. It is much about our history, but equally about our future" - Interview with Nigel Dawe


It's all about education

In an interview with Shirley Chowdhary, CEO of the GO Foundation. Shirley speaks about her journey and why education is so critical to community services.


Celebrating the stories of diversity

Faces of Australia is proudly being exhibited at International Towers throughout the summer 2018/2019. Australia is often described as a nation of migrants.

Cover page

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