International Towers Transport Tenant Survey

Share your travel habits and enter the draw to win a $250 Barangaroo House voucher

Share your travel habits and you might just win a $250 voucher to spend at Barangaroo House.

The 2021 International Towers Travel Survey is an opportunity to share your habits on travelling to and from your workplace. Whether you walk, cycle, car-share, drive or catch public transport, your feedback helps provide valuable insight. Information collected will be used to support improvements regarding public transport, car-sharing, location of on-site amenities (such as bicycle racks), parking and long-term site planning.

The survey will take no more than a few minutes to complete, and if you register your contact details at the end, you will enter the draw for a chance to win a $250 voucher to spend at Barangaroo House. Prizes will be drawn at the end of the survey round.

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