More Collaboration

International Towers delivers more collaboration per square metre than anywhere else.

There are undoubtably many benefits to the new hybrid work model. The flexibility to work from home for set days or when it’s potentially more productive has contributed to greater levels of autonomy, wellness and productivity, as time saved on the daily commute has enabled more time for personal and professional priorities.

The main downside to remote working however, is the lack of meaningful and personal engagement with colleagues that can only come from being in the same place at the same time. A number of post-pandemic reports into the impact of isolated working identified the inability of teams to properly and effectively collaborate as a primary cause of decreased innovation and compromised workplace culture.

We know that in the workplace, innovation, creativity and organisational health hinges on successful collaboration. Better collaboration leads to more efficient processes, improved communication, better problem solving and increased success.

International Towers has been designed to foster more opportunities for meaningful collaboration, both inside and outside the workplace. A mix of inspiring, light-filled spaces within the Tower lobbies and public domain, as well as specialised, on-demand activity spaces are frequently used by workers and visitors to meet, talk, ideate and collaborate, encouraging the unplanned interactions and social relationships that so-often lead to better employee engagement and sustained business performance.

If effective teamwork is key to achieving your business goals, discover the workplace that delivers more collaboration per square metre than anywhere else. Speak to us about immediate opportunities to join Australia’s most progressive workplace community at Leasing Opportunities.



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