New beginnings from what came before

Easter Installations by Maria Claudia from Samambaia

Maria Claudia from Samambaia has outdone herself again with a beautiful holiday installation, creating something new from something old.

We are thrilled that this installation was created using 100% repurposed materials - making is beautiful in so many ways as it celebrates creativity and sustainability, values we hold very dear at International Towers.

The wheat from previous installations has been used to make our “nests”. They were woven in chicken wire to hold the dried flowers that you may recognise from our past Christmas installations.

The fabric eggs were made with the same chicken wire and covered with the offcuts from the indigenous Babbarra fabric we used to cover our bismarckia leaves in 2019.

We have also re-used our ethically farmed Emu eggs, from previous years installations.

All the dried paper daisy strands and dried native foliage are also from our past installations.

We hope you enjoy seeing this as much as we do.

Find out more about Samambaia Flowers here: Samambaia Flowers  


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