Returning to work

Helpful information on how International Towers is making your health and safety a priority

As coronavirus restrictions continue to ease, and more of our community begin the process of returning to work, we wanted to take this opportunity to inform you of all the measures and processes currently in place at International Towers to ensure it continues to be a workplace that supports the highest levels of wellbeing for all. As always, if you have any specific questions or concerns, feel free to contact any of our concierge team for information.

Cleaning and disinfection of toilets, service lifts, high-touch points and waste management areas

Our housekeeping Service Partner, Dimeo, are using a hospital grade disinfectant as part of their cleaning regime. The base-building housekeeping scope has been increased, where the daily cleaning refreshes now include additional sanitation of all high-touch points in the bathrooms and common areas including handles, doors, cubicle walls and lift readers.

Additional cleaning services for individual workspaces to your specifications are available, and can be organised directly through Dimeo, to be billed to your organisation. International Towers Management can assist with the coordination and facilitation of these requests. Waste Management areas in tenancy areas are cleaned as these areas are refreshed. Base-building waste areas are strictly staff areas only.  All bins undergo the existing regime of cleaning and sanitation after being weighed and emptied, before being returned to tenant areas. 

Physical/safe distancing measures

Measures to support safe physical distancing have been put in place across the Barangaroo South precinct. This includes reductions in lift car capacity, and directional signage in Tower lobbies, The Canteen and retail outlets managing maximum capacities. A collaborative signage package has been installed across the precinct to further support physical distancing measures and behaviours.
It is important to note that successful implementation of any physical distancing measures is reliant of a level of self-governance and is the responsibility of not only International Towers Management, but at each organisation and individual level.

Provision of hand sanitizers and personal protective equipment within common areas of the Towers

Hand-sanitation stations have been installed at every public point of entry across the Tower lobbies, with signage indicating it’s use and purpose.

We are encouraging our tenant partners to install automated hand sanitisers within their own tenancy areas, near or within bathrooms and/or lift lobbies. International Towers is able to assist with the procurement of these sanitisers.

There are no current guidelines indicating a requirement for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for use within common areas. The ground floor common areas have been re-established to promote physical distancing, and as a transitional space to efficiently move people to their designated floors.

Lift capacity and Lobby strategy

Lift cars are currently managing a maximum capacity of six (6) persons per car. Any changes to this will be communicated through the facility teams.

The ground floor lobbies are also currently employing a “Keep Left” strategy with supporting signage, bollards, and planter boxes used as physical partitions.

There is the capability to activate a home-floor navigation function, which can remove the necessity to interact with the touch screen. This can be discussed further and organised through International Towers Management. Building Hours operate from 07:30 AM until 06:00 PM on all business days as per latest communications.

End-of-trip facilities

End of Trip Fitness (EoTF) bike rack facilities are currently open, with Change Room, Showers, Lockers, and Towel Services re-opened Monday, 15 June 2020 in line with the New South Wales Government lifting restrictions on gyms from 13 June 2020. As with our messaging strategy, signage and guidelines have been put in place, but Self-Governance is integral for it to remain effective.

Change rooms will be accessible between 6:00am – 8:00pm Monday – Friday. Bike racks will be accessible 24/7. We ask that you please try and plan use of the End of Trip Facilities to avoid peak times and waiting periods.

Users must enter via the northern entry point and register with the Fitness Hub Concierge when using facilities so that we can track occupancy numbers and trace users if necessary.

In order to maintain physical distancing total allowable occupancies will be reduced and monitored as part of the registration system.

Dedicated cleaners will carry out frequent cleaning of touchpoints throughout the day (including disinfecting hand basins, toilets and showers). Additional Hand Sanitiser Dispensers have been installed in all change rooms, entry points and in some corridors.

Disinfectant wipes will be available throughout bicycle storage areas and in other areas.
Users are encouraged to maintain COVID19 hygiene and physical distancing protocols whilst using the facilities, if you feel unwell or have flu like symptoms, please do not use the facilities, seek medical advice. We encourage all to be expedient in their use of the facilities, with reduced occupancy allowances we will have to limit the number of users at a time.

You are also encouraged to remove all personal belongings from the facility at the end of each day and are asked not to store any personal equipment, toiletries, towels or clothing outside of their designated lockers.

Delivery bay & docks protocols

All Loading Dock deliveries and appointments must be booked through the MobileDock (Bestrane) platform. Deliveries required to be made to any tenancy area will require carriers to complete a temperature scan and health check prior to being admitted access.

Health checks and temperature screening at lobbies & service entrances

In line with Government guidance, there is currently no temperature screening activated on the ground floor. Individual organisations are free to install temperature screen stations within their own tenancy. However all service partners, including building management, base building security, housekeeping, utility services, mail room, waste management, maintenance, contractors, delivery and couriers, and any seeking access via the loading dock, will be required to undertake a temperature screening and health check upon arrival to site each day in the basement facilities.

Designated holding area for suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases

There is no designated holding area for any suspicion or confirmation of a COVID-19 case. Any suspected cases of covid-infection will be managed on an individual basis, and dependant on the nature of the incident. It is imperative that every organisation communicates the same message that any signs or symptoms of illness should be immediately referred to a medical professional, and people showing any symptoms should not be attending the office. Any occurrence or suspicion within your organisation, whilst on site, should be reported directly to the International Towers General Manager as soon as possible.

Contact tracing

International Towers Management, along with the Owner’s Representatives strongly encourage all members of our community to download the Australian Government COVID-19 Application to their smart devices. This is the most comprehensive and prevalent tracing system within the country, and have no plans to develop a competing product.

HVAC plants and building systems

No HVAC plants, or any building systems, have been shut own or turned off for any period of time during the lockdown. Measures have been taken to maximise efficiencies during low occupancy, where possible, to reduce costs, however no systematic shut-down has occurred.

HVAC filters and air exchanges

All HVAC filters, and air exchanges are operating as per design, and capacity. Our system design operates using 100% outside air intake. Any additional requirements you may have of this system can be raised with the International Towers Management team.

Maintenance routines on building systems

Maintenance routines for tenancy areas and base-building have all remained in place. Any suspension of services has only been undertaken at the written request and direction of individual organisations. International Towers have not suspended any services.

Waste management systems

There are no changes to our waste management system. With the expected reduction in volume, waste collection is still operating, however on a reduced schedule, as has waste movement resourcing. The process continues and will scale back up as the population returns and volumes increase.

Water quality and legionella risk assessment

Legionella Risk Assessments are not applicable at International Towers. Water Quality testing and assessment has been completed and reviewed in line with legislation.

Fire Fighting equipment and Life Safety systems

All Emergency Equipment, including Fire Safe and Medical Systems, remain operational and complaint. These are tested against a regulated schedule as a requirement by law.

Our Tenant Partners are welcome to reoccupy their tenancy area at any point of time, in line with their own internal company policies. Provisional notice of a minimum of two (2) days to reinstate any services that may have been suspended is required by International Towers Management.

International Towers Management is continually reviewing all guidelines, regulations, and measures from authorised bodies, to ensure International Towers remains safe, and compliant.

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World Health Organisation

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NSW Ministry of Health