Bula'Bula weavers creating art for festive season

Sydney’s International Towers commissioned works from Bula’Bula Arts Aboriginal Corporation

In the spirit of tradition, Indigenous artists from the Northern Territory have created 44 unique Dilly Bags to transform the lobby of International Towers Two and Three during the festive period.

The installation brought the work of Bula’bula Arts Aboriginal Corporation in North East Arnhem Land, home of the Yolngu people, to Barangaroo, the traditional home of the Gadigal people.

“Our ethos of inclusion comes to the fore during the festive season, a time when it is important to be respectful of people from all cultures and beliefs. The language of art is a universal one and we are proud to provide a forum for these talented Indigenous artists to share their inspiring stories,” International Towers General Manager, Mr Tony Byrne said.


Dilly bags were historically used by Aboriginal people to gather food, carry tools, babies, and receptacles for various cultural purposes but today have a more decorative purpose. The artists from the Ramingining community craft their work to convey the region’s ritual and spiritual significance.

International Towers’ philosophy of sustainability, across all aspects of Tower Two and Towers Three, came to life with the display, which is illuminated with sustainable LED lighting. The artists, who hail from all clan families and language groups in the area, used natural materials- Pandanas leaf from the Screw Palm being the essential material. The Pandanas leaf is dried and dyed using pigments from the surrounding country, compounded and applied by the artists using ancient knowledge and techniques.

The artistic creation celebrated Indigenous culture and storytelling, alongside the values and traditions of Christmas: generosity, humility, inclusion and egalitarianism.

“By creating awareness of Yolngu identity, we are also promoting enterprise – a hallmark of International Towers – as Bula’Bula Arts is an Aboriginal owned and governed, and not-for-profit organisation,” Mr Byrne said.

The installation was on display at Tower Two and Tower Three until 28 December 2017.

International Towers was pleased to have partnered with Maria Claudia Teixeira – Samambaia Flowers, to bring the creation to life.


Traditional Indigenous baskets woven into International Towers’ festive celebrations

Bula Bula Basket Interview

Traditional Indigenous baskets woven into International Towers’ festive celebrations

Traditional Indigenous baskets woven into International Towers’ festive celebrations


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