We deal with waste differently here at International Towers

Find out what happens to the 10,000 coffee cups disposed daily

International Towers operates within one of the most sustainable precincts in Australia. We are targeting carbon neutral status by diverting 80% of our operational waste from landfill, sending net zero waste to landfill by 2020 and recycling our water for reuse. 

In the first 12 months of Sydney’s newest urban regeneration project,  we have prevented 500 tonnes of waste from going to landfill. This has in part, been achieved due to the commitment from our retail partners to use only plant-based materials in their take-away packaging, meaning the waste was compostable rather than going to landfill.

The Streets of Barangaroo serves up an extraordinary 10,000 coffees per day to the workers, residents and visitors. That’s around 2.5 million cups a year. However unlike other precincts, we recycle these cups and other dry waste into fuel for cement manufacturing. The waste is sent to a local plant for baling, which is shipped to a cement plant to be used as an alternative fuel to petroleum. Even the carbon ash collected from the combustion process is collected and added to the cement mix.

Find out more on the sustainability initiatives at Barangaroo.


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