A celebration of sustainability and inclusion during the festive season

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Our festive display at International Towers was a modern celebration of the magic of our ancient land and the joy of the season.

The woven light shades were hand-made by Indigenous women from the Bula’Bula arts community in North East Arnhem Land using traditional weaving and dying techniques.

The floral wreath echoes the traditional iconography of Christmas; its circular form symbolising the cycle of life and the eternal return of the seasons as they shape our natural landscape.

In keeping with the values and traditions of the season: generosity, humility, inclusion and egalitarianism - our display was once again made entirely by elements sourced from the environment, including Bismarckia leaves foraged from northern NSW, Phalaenopsis, Oncidium and locally grown moss.

As testament to our commitment to sustainability, some of the leaves and plants were from previous displays, and as they continued to dry and age, and transformed in shape and colour, evolving what we saw and experienced each and every day.

Installation designed by Samambaia Flowers, and special thanks to Maria Claudia and her amazing team for such a spectacular work of art.

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