Regulating Your Staff's Overwhelm - Eggshell Conversations

Join us for this conversation that asks people leaders to explore a critical question: "Are You Causing Your Staff's Overwhelm, and Why Is It Costing Your Business Success?"

Alongside Dr. Delia McCabe, a luminary in the fields of nutritional neuroscience and psychology, as we delve into the staggering realities of the modern workplace. With a landscape transformed by digital overstimulation, our conversation will unveil how this new normal is impacting your team's mental health and, consequently, your business's bottom line.
What's at Stake?
Tech Overload: Since 2019, the average desk worker juggles almost twice as many apps. The result? A struggle to locate vital information, leading to missed updates, incorrect decisions, and a barrage of irrelevant notifications.
Email Overcheck: Astonishingly, people now check their emails up to 74 times a day, with some reaching a staggering 435 checks.
Task-Switching Toll: Frequent task switching, a norm in modern workplaces, not only disrupts focus but also erodes as much as 40% of productive time.
Shrinking Attention Spans: Alarmingly, the average human attention span has dwindled to just 8.25 seconds since 2000, underscoring the challenge of maintaining focus amidst digital chaos.
💡 Why Attend?
Uncover the Hidden Costs: Learn how the relentless demand for attention and rapid task-switching are not just overwhelming your staff but also draining their creative and decision-making capacities.
Insights from Neuroscience: Dr. Delia McCabe, with her groundbreaking research in nutritional neuroscience and stress, offers invaluable insights into how dietary and lifestyle choices can bolster cognitive resilience in the face of digital overwhelm.
Actionable Strategies: Walk away with practical, neuroscience-backed strategies to support your team's mental wellbeing and productivity, fostering a more focused, creative, and ultimately successful workplace.
Who Should Attend? People and Business Leaders looking to be a champion for their staff's well being offering a creative and nurturing workplace.
Mark Your Calendar

Date: Thursday 11 April
Time: 12pm
More about Dr. Delia McCabe
Delia McCabe, PhD, is a trailblazer in the intersection of nutrition and brain health. Her journey from clinical psychology to nutritional neuroscience reflects her profound understanding of the brain's needs for optimal performance. Her research, published in peer-reviewed journals and encapsulated in two internationally recognized books, forms the backbone of her work. Delia's unique approach combines psychology, nutritional neuroscience, and lifestyle factors to drive meaningful change in corporate environments and individual lives.

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