Come behind the scenes on a day at BarkLife

Hi, I'm Humphrey, and I'm going to work with my mum today.

Mum hasn’t been that paw-ductive lately so I’m coming into the big smoke to keep an eye on her. Co-incidentally, something called BarkLife has taken over her office – and I’ve never been to doggy daycare but it sounds pretty cool. They said I had good leadership skills at puppy pre-school so Head of Pup-lick Relations sounds good to me. I had to lead the way for mum and before long, we made it to Barangaroo. 

My next order of business for the day was to find BarkLife, but I sniffed it out in no time at all. That’s why they pay me the big bucks, I guess. Mum checked me in for the day, and I got my employee ID. I appreciate the high level of security necessary for Very Important Pooches like me. Then, I got to say hello to my new coworkers. They were all so nice and welcoming... Mum told me to be nice, but this is the corporate world, and I was determined to climb my way to the top.

After that, I had some important stocktake work to do, and before I knew it, it was lunchtime. Mum came back to BarkLife to take me for a walk. We explored Barangaroo together, and got out of our cubicles for a menty health break. 

Then, I went back for the afternoon and played some more, chomped on some treats, and then it was time to go home. I had the best day, but I’m exhausted now. It’s a tough gig – but somebody’s gotta do it.

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How to participate 

To participate, tenants can submit an Expression of Interest on Amica which will be reviewed and approved by A+ Dogs. Bookings can then be made through Amica to secure spots.



Stretch your legs at lunch with the BarkLife pack

As part of the BarkLife festivities, all dog parents who have booked their four-legged furballs into doggy daycare will be taking their pooch for a 1-hour stroll at 12PM. And we're extending the invite to 20 additional community members. To book sign in or register for Amica.