The Power of Letting Go

By Katie Lavidge, International Towers Wellness Partner

"There’s an important difference between giving up and letting go."
-Jessica Hatchigan

There are times in life that you want to control the uncontrollable. Maybe it's a specific outcome or another person's behaviour, whatever the variable is you feel helpless, frustrated, sad and maybe even angry in your inability to influence it. You may even find your mind wandering to this situation and mulling over all the variable outcomes that might occur knowing all to well that that obsessing over it won't impact the outcome.

So how do you stop these thought patterns and keep them from stealing away valuable headspace that could be used to focus on more productive and servicing thoughts?

The key is to resist the urge to control. Some things are simply out of your hands and to try and force your control over the situation would be a futile attempt as you're up against something greater than you. Much like trying to open up a rose bud before it's time to bloom, you might be able to see each pedal but will damage them in the process and disable the magical unfolding.

Know that there is power in letting go and actively yielding. Notice I say actively yielding, it does not mean to give up and walk away but rather to mindfully participate in a situation while letting go of the steering wheel. These are not weak qualities by any means, but rather quite the opposite.

To invite yourself to yield and let go of an outcome to a situation is ultimate mastery of the self, and that is true power. It's a humbling act of acknowledging you are a part of something greater and requires patience, acceptance and perseverance.

There is something bigger at play than the individual self and things will happen when it aligns with the greater good. Let go. Trust. It will all be okay.

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