Enhanced experience in Tower Two

The removal of the glass dividers between the Tower Two north and south lobbies, provides a convenient thoroughfare and social hub for the community

If you use the Tower Two lobby, we’re sure you’ll join us in welcoming the news that the glass dividers between the north and south lobbies have come down to provide a convenient thoroughfare and social hub for the community. 

Join us for the official opening and celebration in the Tower Two North Lobby at 10am Wednesday the 21st September and enjoy a free coffee and cupcake. Numbers are limited, so get in quick.

More social. With the glass dividers gone we can create more engagement space and seating, and use this area to socialise.

More plants. All of us love natural greens and browns around us in the workspace, so it’s a pleasure to see more planters in the Tower Two lobby.

More convenience. Whether you’re sheltering from the rain, heading to the car park or just taking a short cut, you’ll find the Tower Two lobby a much more accessible space as you are able to cross from one side to the other, without going outside. 

We trust you’ll enjoy this enhanced social atmosphere and access in Tower Two.


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