Empower Your Mental Wellbeing with Paperback Therapy

Take charge of your mental health with therapist approved tools from practicing counsellor, Tammi Miller.

With insights and guidance from certified practising counsellor and author Tammi Miller, Paperback Therapy offers a roadmap to self-discovery, enhanced self-esteem, alignment with personal values, breaking unhealthy patterns, and effectively managing anxiety, among other vital aspects of mental health.
Tammi's interactive book, featuring over 25 therapist-approved tools, is rooted in practical applications, making mental health practices accessible to those who may lack the means or time for traditional therapy sessions. While not a substitute for professional therapy, Paperback Therapy underscores the notion that individuals possess the power to significantly improve their mental health and overall quality of life through effective strategies.
If you're prepared to seize control of your mental wellbeing autonomously, then this is the Cuppa for you.

When: 12pm Wednesday 15 May
Where: To join the conversation sign in or register for Amica
Tammi Miller, a certified practising counsellor based in Sydney, Australia, empowers clients through her practice, BARE Therapy, facilitating breakthroughs and fostering improved mental and emotional wellbeing.
Driven by a passion for enhanced health literacy and drawing from her own journey in mental health as both a psychotherapist and a client, Tammi utilises the techniques shared in Paperback Therapy to manage her own mental health.
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