Maintaining Poise Under Pressure: The Paramedic Mindset

Find out how to keep your poise in high pressure situations with experienced paramedic and author of "The Paramedic Mindset", Leigh Anderson

Discover the unique psychology of frontline heroes and learn how their mindsets can be applied to high-stress environments in any field, maintaining that key element of “poise”. Examine how they cultivate unwavering focus, rapid problem-solving skills, and the ability to stay calm in the chaos of crisis situations. This is a skill that can absolutely be learned and something we should train for ourselves. 

Experienced paramedic and author of The Paramedic Mindset, Leigh Anderson, shows us how to apply this mindset of preparedness, adaptability, and selflessness to excel in any high-stakes professional or personal endeavour.

If you find yourself ever wavering under pressure and are ready to propel yourself forward with grace and poise, then this is the Cuppa for you.

When: 12 pm Wednesday 19 June  
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More on Leigh Anderson

Leigh Anderson is an accomplished paramedic with 15 years of operational experience and first-hand, extensive knowledge of how to perform and thrive in high-stress, unpredictable situations.

Outside of an ambulance, Leigh has a keen desire to improve the human experience of stress to set people up to flourish. He has a Bachelor of Paramedic Science and a Graduate Certificate of Emergency Health. He has lectured and tutored at university level and been a peer reviewer of scientific journal articles. Leigh lives in Brisbane.

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