Trauma and Creating Psychologically Safe Workplaces

Is your teams past and recent personal trauma impacting their sense of safety in your workplace?

Join us for a cuppa with the dynamic Yemi Penn delving into the triggering impact of personal trauma on creating psychologically safe workplaces.
When: 12pm Thursday 27th June
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In an era marked by generational trauma and recent events—from referendum outcomes to global conflicts and mass redundancies—the need for understanding and integration in our professional environments has never been more crucial.
Yemi, an engineer, entrepreneur, and documentary producer, brings her ground-breaking research on transmuting pain to power into the discussion, offering fresh perspectives on trauma recovery.
Why this conversation is important:
Trauma and Creating psychologically Safe Workplaces is vital for leaders, HR professionals, and anyone interested in fostering a supportive work environment that acknowledges and heals trauma should register now.
What we will be covering:
  1. Understanding Personal Trauma and Its Effects
  2. Psychological Safety in the Workplace
  3. Impact of Generational Trauma and Recent Events
  4. Yemi Penn's Research and Perspectives
  5. Creating a Supportive and Healing Work Environment
  6. The Role of Open Conversations and Training
  7. Benefits of a Trauma-Informed Workplace
  8. Audience Engagement and Q&A
When: 12pm Thursday 27th June
Where: Sign in or Register for Amica to join the conversation

Yemi Penn
Yemi Penn is a fearless businesswoman and thought leader on creating your own memo, meaning ‘she’ gets to write the script of her life and encourages others to do the same. An engineer by profession and entrepreneur by passion having run 3 successful businesses in the past. She is now researching the alchemy of transmuting pain to power through her PhD research with a strong desire to learn new ways of being whilst challenging the status quo. Yemi invites the collective to ignite their rebellious curiosity in all aspects of their life, sharing the tools to do just that. Yemi has added documentary producer to her repertoire as she shifts her core life’s purpose to raising the vibration of acknowledging and healing our individual and therefore collective trauma, something individuals, communities and organisations alike have experienced over the past couple of years.

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