Exciting Pier Pavilion Project Update

Coming soon to Watermans Cove and promises to be a haven for us all

Brace yourselves for a new addition that promises to elevate our already stunning skyline – the Pier Pavilion. A public landmark is set to grace Watermans Cove, and we couldn't be more thrilled to spill the beans about what's in store for us.
Let's take a moment to reflect on how this beautiful project came to be. Back in 2020, Infrastructure NSW launched a nationwide competition seeking designs for a landmark public pavilion along the Barangaroo foreshore. After careful consideration of over 170 submissions, architects Jessica Spresser and Peter Besley's design emerged victorious. Their concept celebrates the harmony of land, sea, and sky, offering us a space to gather, unwind, and connect with nature.
Imagine strolling by Watermans Cove, greeted by the soothing presence of the Pier Pavilion – a gentle reminder of the beauty that surrounds us.
As we prepare for construction to commence next month, let's take a moment to envision what lies ahead:
Design Features:
  • Triangular shape with curved sides mirroring the surrounding coves.
  • A lush green roof adorned with native plant species to attract our buzzing buddies – birds, bees, and more.
  • Elements clad in 'oyster terrazzo,' a nod to our coastal heritage with Sydney rock oyster shells sourced locally.
The transformation will unfold in eight thoughtful phases, carefully orchestrated to minimise disruption to our community.
From hoarding installation to tree protection measures, every step of the construction process will be carried out with utmost care and consideration for our surroundings.
| Stay tuned to the Pier Pavilion webpage for regular updates |

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