Eco-Maggots Eating Up A Storm

Our maggot farm in the basement goes from strength to strength in helping us process your organic waste with leading edge efficiency.

As you may know, some time ago International Towers installed a revolutionary sustainable food waste solution which has proved to be a resounding success. Our marvellous maggot farm, also known as MIB (Modular Infrastructure for Biological Services), was installed by our waste management infrastructure partners Goterra in 2020 and has been helping us stay #1 in sustainability ever since.

Food waste is the world’s third largest emitter of greenhouse gases, so we were delighted to read the latest update from Goterra, which tells an enchanting story of next-gen waste management thanks to leading-edge technology, robotics, and the appetite of fly larvae - turning food waste into fertilizer and animal feed, faster, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than ever before.

Magnificent maggot farm achievements

The highlights from Goterra’s latest update on the maggot farm performance include:

- 11.8 tonnes of organic waste processed in June.
- Goterra currently in final stages of MIB upgrades (larger ‘hopper’ and new dual bin lifter)
- Capability projected to expand more than 80% of total organic waste at Barangaroo South.
- Plans to replace the organics compactor, diverting 100% of organic waste to MIB
- When fully optimised, the MIB will process 20 tonnes of organic waste every week

The ‘big 4’ benefits of maggots munching food waste

1. Enables full food waste management onsite
2. Directly reduces greenhouse gas emissions
3. Processes food waste without smells
4. Generates high-quality fertiliser and animal feed

Have some fun talking rubbish

You can see where the maggots live and experience next-generation waste management up close by taking our hugely popular monthly waste tour, when we take you behind the scenes and lift the lid on why Barangaroo is one of Australia’s most sustainable precincts.

Date: On the second Wednesday of each month
Time: 14:00-15:00 - Please arrive on time as we'll be leaving sharp on the hour
Where: Shipwright Walk, outside Tower Two North lobby, Barangaroo

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