Tony Byrne says goodbye

Tony Byrne, our general manager and much-loved leader since we first opened the doors, says goodbye to spend more time with his grandkids. 

Proudly supporting the Indigenous Literacy Foundation

International Towers and our fellow workspaces across Lendlease's Premium Asset portfolio are proudly supporting the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

Eco-Maggots Eating Up A Storm

Our maggot farm in the basement goes from strength to strength in helping us process your organic waste with leading edge efficiency.

A word on awareness ribbons

Wearing an awareness ribbon may be a small gesture in itself, but the importance of the role they play in our communities is massive.

Super Sustainable Dispensers Arrive

In a delightful double, International Towers is proud to welcome not one, but two leading-edge, supremely sustainable dispenser brands.

Help us stay #1 in sustainability

As ‘plastic free July’ continues, we’re asking you to help us make sure our waste streams go where they should

GOLD ActiveScore Certification

Assessing buildings based on their travel facilities and services

Wulugul Walk

Walk along the Sydney Harbour foreshore between Walsh Bay and Cockle Bay

Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Thanks To All Who Got Involved

This May the International Towers community came together with our friends at Two Good Co. to shine a light on domestic and family violence. Thank you.

Welcome back to Australia's healthiest workplace

As workers return to our offices, here’s some reassurance about your wellbeing at International Towers – and a reminder why you love it here so much 

Osher On Connections Worth Keeping

As Mental Health Month continues, watch this video of Osher Günsberg, SANE Australia Ambassador, sharing why workplaces are a connection worth keeping.

If you're a worrier, here's some help

If you tend to make mountains from molehills, worry a lot and expect the worst, SANE Australia is here to assist with 7 self-help strategies

A love letter to Sydney

From the beating heart, The Streets of Barangaroo

Crossroads 2016 report

Read on to download the StartupAUS Crossroads Report